Welcome to All Creation where       

       creativity begins!

All Creation is a licensed Faith-Based, Play-Emergent, Small Family Child Care Home Preschool. Curriculum development specializes in providing a fun-loving, caring, empathetic, equitable, culturally competent, inclusive environment. The desired learning outcomes of parents or guardians and individual needs of preschool students ages 2 to 6 years of age are supported. All children and families are welcome as well as embraced inclusively regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, familial structure, socioeconomic or immigration status. 

Program Philosophies
“The biggest atrocity of all is to indoctrinate our children into a system that does not value their creative expression, nor encourage their unique abilities”
                                  -Benjamin Greene


All Creation is an affirming preschool that values the biblical injunction of, "Love your neighbor as yourself," Matthew 22:39 as well as embraces different philosophical insights. Here at All Creation we ascribe to the South African welcome, sawa bona, meaning "I see you," which translates to "I acknowledge your existence," to which others are encouraged to respond sikhona, "I am here-when you see me, you bring me into existence." Faith based ideals such as these are incorporated into social interactions as well as various learning methods. Such ideologies promote acknowledgment of one another's humanity, appreciation of differences, as well as humility through community. All Creation endeavors to model healthy approaches of socializing to preschool students and families with dignity, empathy and respect.



Inspired by early childhood theorists such as Lev Vygotsky, play-emergent curriculum implementation of socio-emotional mindfulness and cognitive experiences, children cultivate their individual purpose through the use of age appropriate practices. When information is facilitated within the scope of play, students naturally expound upon their learning experience. Through emerging knowledge through social interactions as well as providing academic conceptual methods, young children in essence become their own scientists by investigating and hypothesizing their individual form of research!



Intentional learning outcomes are vital to developmental milestones as conceptualized by the Santa Clara County African/African Ancestry Research Project & Demographic Study. "Educators, neuroscientists, business leaders, politicians and economists emphasizing the importance of a child's first five years on positive development into adulthood..positive, affirming relationships among all children and adults..culturally, developmentally appropriate, teaching approaches..nutrition, health, safety..collaborative relationships with families..are the minimum requirements for educating young children," (African/African Ancestry Education Assessment & Research Project) Curriculum is based on individual student interests, family social constructs, cultural and individual identity as well as inclusivity. All Creation strives to meet individual learning styles by partnering with parents to scaffold growth. There is no learning method that is wrong in the context of a child's experience. Careful, intentional as well as methodical planning is created to allow adequate space and time for students to receive knowledge about their world.